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SEO Challenge Busby


This site participates to the Busby SEO Contest, whose goal is to be placed first on this weird expression, on Google.com, on August 31st, 2008, at noon (western Australian time). It has been thought to participate by his own, but also among a team strategy, in order to win this international SEO challenge, organized by Busby Web Solutions, from Australia... For now, the content of this Busby SEO Challenger site is relatively poor, yet, within several days or weeks, I will put some really interesting (or dumb) content, full of hardly understandable words and sentences, with an awful mix of Busby, SEO (which means "Search Engine Optimization"), and Challenge, such as Busby SEO Challenge, Busby Search Engine Contest, Busby SEO Challenging, or SEO Challenger by Busby... Anyway, don't try to find any intelligent content, over here, you won't find any ! ;)

For those who wander what my domain name really mean, just keep browsing my text... I'll just tell you that Busby SEO Challenge is, by far, not the first SEO Contest I'm participating in. I already tried to have fun on Sorcier Glouton (a French non-Busby SEO Contest), Chocoku (the hardest and more underground SEO Challenge in the world), Tiger l'osmose (a very feline challenge), MSNbetter thanGoogle (a polish SEO contest), V7ndotcom Elursrebmem (a huge international SEO challenge, for what I used this page - now, you know the secret of my URL -), Globalwarming Awareness2007 (another international contest), and maybe half a dozen other ones... The last one I have participated in, was named Seocontest2008, and was organized by a UK SEO company. In order to get more fun, we decided ("we" is corresponding to "the members of the French Seosphere.com forum") to regroup on a 30-people team. We had a lot of fun, and, at the end of the challenge, we managed to place 1st, and keep this position, until the end. So we won the 1st prize, which was really great ! That's the reason why we decided to try another chance, by challenging on this Busby SEO competition, as a team... This time, still for fun, and not to do always the same things, we decided to use a different strategy. I'm looking forward seeing if this one (which anyway, uses many stuff we learned from former SEO challenges), will do as good as the last challenge... So, a funny part of our team strategy, for the Busby SEO Challenge, is to try placing the most different domains on the 1st Google page, while not forgetting to focus on our team's Busby SEO Challenge, which domain is Sphereteam.com. We all know that some "big" SEO busbies from all over the world are challenging against us, but whatever occurs during this competition, the Busby Sphereteam will always remain fairplay and "unserious". Yes, I didn't mention that, but in fact, as a bunch of Busby friends, we just want to have fun, and... eat (well, we're French ;D), so we aim the pole position, just to get the funniest and better Busby SEO Challenging dinner (maybe we'll eat Kangaroo ??). Anyway, whaterver we do, we'll win, you'll see... So, thanks for supporting us, by helping this Busby SEO Challenger or the Team's one, and thanks for unleashing your backlinks !!

(A totally useless Busby SEO Challenge video, just for the fun)


Well, it will be easier for me to explain things starting from the beginning... First of all, as a proud Busby SEO Challenge addict I am, I have to introduce me, before everything. My name is Kad, and I am a professional SEO, working is a small company in Brittany, France. I'm a 33-year old man, passionated with many things, such as Busby, SEO, Challenge (just kidding), astronomy, Internet, legends, history, movies, and about a thousand other stuff. I have participated to almost all SEO challenges the world has known, which was a very rich experience, mostly because I met friends (but also, because it reinforced my knowledge in S.E.O., for real-life situations). Most of those friends are also SEO-addict, or SEO challenge addicts, and are members of the famous French SEO Board "Seosphere". We separately participated (so against each other) to many SEO contests before Busby SEO Challenge. That is when the Seocontest2008 contest has been launched by UK organizers (this time, for Busby, it is coming from Australia), that we decided to form a team, in order to challenge the world... That's how we won the Seocontest2k8, and that's how we expect to win the Busby Seo Challenge...


Well, what is the difficulty in this Busby challenge... The fact is that we have a very good Indonesian team (I guess our victory on the former SEO challenge has inspired them) who is challenging against us. As we are, they are experts in Search Engine Optimization, and are doing great, as we can see on the first page on Google, for the 'Busby seo challenge' query... So, one of the main difficulties on this Busby contest is that we are fighting against talented people. The other main hard thing to do, is to federate a team of about 30 Frenchmen (also known as the Busby's, or busbies), which is a very hard task, believe me (knowing the French "uncivism" and difficulties to take orders or even advises). We finally managed to coordinate this whole team, and deployed a very clever netlinking strategy, and many other secret weapons (mostly one we have tested on the Busby challenge, who will make us win, 100% sure). So this Busby adventure is very interesting, even if, I had more fun on many other SEO challenges before...


So, what do we, so definitely want to win this Busby challenge ? Well, the answer is easy. As French people, we really love to eat good food and have good drinks, especially with many people we like to be with... On the Seosphere forum, we often organize IRL meetings, which last very late in the night, were you have fun, drink a lot, eat well, make pun, dredge girls, and prepare SEO strategies and tarzouleries (sorry, typical French concept, also known as "pink hat"), for future challenges. The fact is, it is so much better to do all that, while you don't even have to pay for it, when the British (Seocontest2008) or the Australian (Busby SEO Challenge) do pay for you ;) So, with the first $1000 we earned on the SC2k8, we organized a week-end in Paris, with about 15 people with their computer and good mood, and it was awesome. So when we learned about this brand new SEO contest, named Busby seo challenge, we knew we had to take another chance to do that again, with the Sphereteam...
Besides all this glutton point of view, it was a good experience for all of us, to try to do what none or no other team had done before : to win two seo contests one after the other. Besides, even if we all spend our time criticizing our country, it would be a good thing to prove another time to the world that France is doing great in that field. Our main goal was to prove to everyone, that a team, with professionals and amateurs, could be the best in the world, without being interested in money or glory (most people on the challenging team will remain "John Does" afterwise), and with a lot of fun and humor... The good thing is, that even if we don't manage to win once again, our nemesis team (Pogung's) are very close to us, from what we can feel, meaning not interested in money nor glory, and fun enough, just like our Busby SEO Challenge team...


This Busby contest will be over in about 4 weeks, and it is too early to scream for victory or for defeat. The 3 first results pages in Google are squatted by both French and Indonesian Busby teams. Results are moving hardly, several times a day, usually, on this query, and several pages are playing yoyo... Since our recent (and older) experiences, I'm pretty sure we'll manage to be on 1st position on august 31st, but one can never know what can happen, and we also have to consider the fact that the enema team has managed to figure out what was our busby secret weapon, and could have had the time to launch it at the same time we will (good organization, perfect synchronization and good delay calculation are primordial, for our weapon to boost us to the top). We still don't know neither if one of our teammates will manage to place his/her page on the podium (top 3) of the Busby SEo Challenge. But, whatever the result will be, the fact is, we all would have spent a really great time, having fun Busby-challenging and we are looking forward being able to win a third SEO contest ! (but maybe not the Kabonfootprint, since teams are forbidden)

Long life the Sphereteam ! Long life the Busby SEO Challenge ! And long life to all SEO contestants :)

(A short Busby SEO Challenge video proving that Sphereteam will beat Pogung's team)

Proud member of the French Sphere Team ! Let's win once more, my challenging busbies...

Seocontest2008 winners

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